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Olmeda de las Fuentes

Singular trees

Singular trees

The useful life of urban trees, especially in the road space, is short. Therefore, the frequent renewal of trees in these locations must be frequent to guarantee safety on public roads. Replacing old specimens and sets, which have a risk of falling, with structural damage, dry or dead standing, by new plantations.

Some specimens of trees must be the object of a special treatment, putting their conservation before the logic of functionality and costs. For this reason, the Governing Council approved the Regional Catalog of threatened species of wild Fauna and Flora, creating the category of Singular Trees, in which it is stated that “flora specimens that, due to their extraordinary characteristics, due to their rarity, excellence of size, age, size, historical, cultural or scientific significance, constitute a heritage worthy of special protection by the Administration”.

Unique trees, old trees and groves are protected living beings, unique specimens that have survived multiple vicissitudes. For this reason, they must be cared for and enjoyed responsibly so that future generations can also enjoy them.

In our municipality we have two of these unique trees.

Encina la Pica Encina la Pica

Its main characteristics are:

  • It has a circumference of 3'5 meters - 1'5 meters.
  • It is 19 meters high
  • His age is centennial
  • It is located on a private property.
  • It is classified as a singular tree by the Order of the Minister of the Environment 68/2005, of January 20. (BOCM nº 29, of February 04, 2015) 



We remind that the access and circulation of motor vehicles is prohibited once the enabled path has been completed. It is requested that they do not access the planting area that is located on private property with motor vehicles. With this type of insensitive actions we are destroying an area of great ecological value. It is recalled that: "The citizen has the right and the duty to be informed. When driving a motor vehicle, he must know at all times where he is doing it since, in practically all of the natural environment of the Community of Madrid it is prohibited, limited or restricted motorized circulation. Ignorance of the regulations does not exempt from compliance, even in the absence of the corresponding signage."

Noguera-Fuente-del-Cura(1)Noguera de Fuente del Cura

    Its main characteristics are:

    • Its crown has a diameter of 3'25 meters
    • It has a perimeter of 3.4 meters
    • Its height is 20 meters
    • It has is 120 years old
    • It is located in the urban area of Olmeda, attached to the Fuente del Cura
    • It is classified as a unique tree by Decree 18/1992, of March 26, which approves the Regional Catalog of threatened species of wild fauna and flora and creates the category of unique trees.