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Olmeda de las Fuentes



ClarineteAlberto Moreno Balaguer was born in Madrid on July 14, 1927. In 1943 he joined the Madrid Fine Arts Circle as a student in drawing and painting studies, which he followed for ten years.

He studied on his own at the Royal School of Fine Arts of San Fernando with D. Julio Moises as an academic. He also received composition classes from D. Carlos Sáez de Tejada among the years 1945 to 1948.

Between 1953 and 1957 he received painting classes as a free student at the Ecóle de Beaux Arts in Paris.

In 1973 he received the title of Graduate in Applied Arts (Interior Architect) awarded by the Ministry of Education and Science.

During the years 1981-1984 he received engraving classes taught by Mr. Antonio Manso, head of the Department of Design and Engraving of the National Currency and Stamp Factory. Where he obtained the highest marks.

He has had numerous exhibitions in various cities around the world such as Copenhagen or the International Exhibition of Visual Arts in Paris. Also in Olmeda he held the exhibition "A Life in Painting" that took place in the Sala Emo.

In 1962 he joined for the "Iberia" airline as Artistic Director, where he made mural paintings and sculptures in all its world delegations until he retired in 1987.

His artistic work is composed of multiple paintings, engravings, linocuts and etchings among many other techniques. His works take on the form and the author own language where the abstraction of natural forms and figurative art have a great presence.

Alberto Moreno arrived at Olmeda in 1963 at the hands of fellow airline and writer Franki Mendoza. Where he lived practically until the date of his death in 2018. He painted and portrayed numerous landscapes and inhabitants of the Olmeda. He did not stop painting for a single day because he needed it to live

In 2001 a street in Olmeda was named after Painter Alberto Moreno

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